Job types

Match your skills with the right role

There are wide range of job types available within the partner organisations we work with. Take a look below to find a role that suits you.

The teams in Engineering work to design solutions for, and offer support on, a wide range of complex projects. They make sure each organisation is adhering to design authority standards and configuration control at all times.


Our teams in HR are here to make sure we’re getting the right people into the right roles. They support the recruitment process from start to finish and keep everyone up-to-date on HR related topics

Whether it’s dealing with issues for a Head of Department or handling the control and archive of records, these roles support managers and their teams so that they can use their time more efficiently.

This team is responsible for making sure that buildings and services are suitable for the people who work in them. They oversee construction and renovation of buildings and maintain property facility budgets.

Roles in this area handle the construction of new plants. They work out the best production methods using process simulation software and make sure the right equipment is bought and installed at the plant.

It’s important to us that our sites are safe for our people. That’s where our Health and Safety personnel come in. They’re responsible for preventing accidents and injuries in the workplace and making sure that everyone has a safe and secure environment to work in.

Every single decommissioning project goes through a detailed planning phase, supported by roles in pre-operations. These roles assist in the smooth running of projects, from commissioning projects and planning work to the creation of safety and operational guidance.

The Commercial and Procurement teams help us to select the best goods and services for our needs. They work with other areas of business to offer strategic and management advice on commercial activities.

Our Finance teams are the ones who keep us on track. They manage our accounts, understand when we’re making a profit or a loss and can help us to accurately forecast so that we can keep moving forward with each decommissioning project.

Roles within the scientific job type are based in the laboratory and help us to test processes, ensure quality control and analyse samples. These teams conduct all research and tests needed for any new or existing projects.

Working in Security means protecting the safety of each organisation’s employees, facilities and assets. As well as providing a security service, roles in this team will assess risks, establish policies, and ensure that each organisation has the capability to provide an emergency response.

Training is vital in our industry, to make sure that everyone across each organisation can perform their role safely and accurately. Our training teams design and deliver training solutions, including assessments and instructor training, as well as reporting on the effectiveness of the training they provide.

Within Quality Assurance, the teams work within the Reactors Decommissioning Programme. They will review and develop Quality Assurance arrangements for projects and make sure we comply with regulations and the requirements of each organisation.