Senior CE&I Engineer at Sellafield

23 October 2018

“I have worked in Sellafield for around 11 years. I started in the Control Systems Group in West Cumbria, supporting the Plant Operations from a technical point of view.

After about 18 months I got a transfer to the Risley Design offices, where I have worked ever since. I have worked on various projects during my time, designing and delivering a number of systems. All of them have been different, and presented different challenges, which makes the work interesting and varied.

During this time I also studied via distance learning to build up my skill set, first completing a BSc through the Open University, and then a MSc as a distance learner with DeMontfort University, and also became an Incorporated Engineer through the IET as a step on my way to becoming Chartered.

These things would have been much more difficult without the long term contract opportunity provided within the Sellafield environment, and the support of colleagues in the workplace.”